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Fun Imported Auto and Toys Racing!

There's nothing like the feeling of driving a car at crazy speeds and throwing it into a corner in hopes that the back end stays put and you don't go careening into the Armco barriers.

Let's face it, Italian cars were born to race and we at Fun Imported Auto and Toys do our best to make sure that comes true.

Lime Rock, Connecticut 2002: Danny races his 1959 Abarth Allemano
The Allemano Waiting To Hit the Track
Abarth Allemano On the Track
Go Number 242!
All Alone on the Lime Rock Track
Pulling Some Gs in the Corner
Catching up!
Move Over Austin Healey, The Abarth is Coming!
The Abarth Cruises by the Campers
Ice Racing
It's been a couple of years since Danny got out his 1987 Bertone X1/9 to go ice racing on the frozen lakes in the Albany and Lake George areas of New York. But the 2002-03 Winter season is shaping up to be a cold one and hopes are high that the Bertone will soon be gliding across the frozen tundra once again!
The X1/9 Gets Ready To Go
The X1/9 and competitors
Getting Ready to Ice Race the X1/9
Other Racing
Russ McBride Races his X1/9 Sponsored by FUN
Danny has also sponsored his share of racers in his years of business. Here is a pic of Russ McBride a few years back racing his X.